How do I get my doctor to take my weight gain seriously?

How do I get my doctor to take my weight gain seriously?

How do I get my doctor to take my weight gain seriously?

If you were to look at a “chart”, I’m considered overweight, but not obese (yet). I’m 5’4 and currently weigh 165. I have gained 5 of that in the past 2 weeks and twenty of it over the past year and a half. I am 31. There is no reason for my weight gain. I know quite a bit about calories, nutrition, exercise etc. I’m not going to lie and say I have the best eating habits, but they are better than most people. More importantly, my eating and exercise habits haven’t changed, so I don’t understand the weight gain. I don’t want it to be an huge gain before my doctor takes me seriously. The last time I went, he gave me the “food guide”. I’m obviously not a doctor myself, so don’t want to make assumptions for him. However, people have mentioned to me about thyroid, liver problems, and other things. Is it my place to suggest things to him? I don’t want to seem like a crazy person that tries to figure out their disease on their own,but don’t know how to get him to take me seriously

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Incoming search terms for the article:how to get dr to take my weight gain seriously

At next blood test check on the data under TSH: the number above 3 suggests low thyroid as a possibility and number above 5 warrants all thyroid hormones to be checked for cause of hypothyroidism.

I forgot to ask, are you a vegetarian by the chance? If so, do you eating soy on daily bases? Is there any sea food in your diet? If your answer is yes to the first two questions and no to the third one, then this is the reason why you are getting weight. There lot of articles linking the soy consumption to the thyroid hypo function. Try the regular not vegetarian diet for few months and see if your weight will improve .Good luck

I feel for you. After 5 years, I am still struggling. I had the same symptoms as you described. At 38, I was pretty active and didn’t eat a huge amount of calories. I noticed my weight gain kept creeping up. I tried a successful diet I had used to lose 65 pounds I gained from having two kids at age 30 and kept it off for 7 years. I returned to this diet, and after two weeks on this diet that worked so well for me before, I lost nothing! I talked to my gyn who ordered a thyroid test. My thyroid came back that I had hypothyroidism (low functioning). I’ve been on Levoxyl for 5 years, and my physician has increased the level twice in 4 years. It has been suggested that I ask my doctor to prescribe Armour instead of Levoxyl because it has T4 and T3. Levoxyl or (Synthroid) has only T4. The response I got from my physician was that they prescribe Armour to patients who have had their thyroid removed. Some articles I have read, suggest the trial of it anyway. Why can’t I get my doctor to do that? Because they have had to adjust my dosage, they are considering sending me to an endocrinologist. I am 46 y/o, so menopause hormones may be playing into all of this, which I am also currently seeing advice from my gyn. A hysterectomy is in my future and probably hormone replacement therapy. My gyn is also a Bio-Identical prescribing physician. Bio is a replacement of hormone, not a substitution, which in my opinion, would be better than a synthetic. But, I can’t go further with treatment until I have the surgery and have my hormones tested via a saliva test. I am very, very frustrated as you are. Stress to your physician they test your thyroid. T4 and T3 testing needs to be done, not just T4. And even then, even if you are put on medication, it may show your levels to be normal, but you still feel crappy, fatigued, etc. There may be more going on. This is where I am at, but I am continuing to question my physicians about treatment. Good luck, and definitely make suggestions to your physician!

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