Fat Loss Diets – Different Fat Loss Diets And Their Calorie Content

Fat Loss Diets – Different Fat Loss Diets And Their Calorie Content

The best way to lose fat is by following a schedule of fat loss diets coupled with aerobic exercises. ‘Eat less calories and burn more calories’ is the secret behind this. While work out plans help you to burn more calories, you should also concentrate on eating less calories. For this purpose you must have a basic knowledge of the calorie content of various food items. You burn some amount of calorie for each and every work you perform.

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Even simple works like blinking your eye, moving your limbs and talking consumes certain amount of calorie. If the intake of calorie and its expenditure is equal, then there is no gain in your weight. If you eat those food items that have more calories and you spend little of them, then the extra calories get stored in your body in the form of fats and you gain weight. Similarly, if you take low calorie foods and spend more calories either by doing some works that require manual labor or by performing workouts, then your body burns the accumulated fat to generate heat energy to equalize.

Fat loss diets contain those food items that have fewer calories which helps your body to melt the fat to compensate the additional energy needed thus helping you to lose fat. The two facts behind fat loss diets are it should not contain fat in it and also it should help you to reduce your body fat. It means the diet should contain high amount of protein and fiber and fewer amounts of carbohydrates.

But for that you cannot avoid carbohydrates completely. You must know the ratio of various nutrients that should be contained in your body. You body needs proteins, carbohydrates, water, vitamins and mineral salts in right proportion to lead a healthy life. The deficiency of any one of them will make you unhealthy. Most of the people think that they should avoid carbohydrates completely to avoid accumulating fat. Avoiding carbohydrates completely will have adverse effects on your nervous system. The starches in natural foods like green bananas are good to maintain the health of your intestine.

Fruits and vegetables are usually low in calorie but high in fiber, water, vitamins and minerals. They contain all the essential nutrient requirements that your body will need. Fiber food is like filler content that would satisfy your hunger and it would take away your feeling to eat more and more food. Thus it helps you to prevent over eating. Spinach, broccoli and apples are some of the examples of fiber rich foods. Fat loss diets should be consumed every two or three hours so that your body will get some time to digest them and there will be no requirement to store anymore calories as fat. So, skipping meals is not advisable at any point as in this case you will have to eat more the next time, thus spoiling the whole plan.

Your fat loss diet should be free from sugary juices, alcohol and soda. Sugar mixes with the blood more easily than other food items and increases your glucose level. That is the main reason why diabetes patients are not allowed to consume sugar or sugar products. You must have awareness about the calorie content of the food items. It is always good to hang a calorie chart in your dining room. 100 grams of apple contains 56 calories while 100 grams of banana contains 153 calories. 100 grams of water melon contains 16 calories where as 100 grams of dates contain 281 calories. This basic knowledge will help you to plan your food intake accordingly.

Adding cucumber, tomatoes, onions, asparagus, cabbage, green salads are some of the ideal fat loss diets. They take more calories than they contain to digest and hence help us in the process of weight loss. Avoid fried and roasted food items as they have more calories than the boiled ones. For example one cup of fried potato contains 450 calories, but one cup of boiled potato contains just 83 calories. The content of oil in them makes the difference. Fat loss is definitely possible with right steps if only you have firm determination to consume only fat loss diets.