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The Difference of Tumor and Cancer – Many times people hear the tumor disease and cancer. And not a few of those who do not understand that in fact the tumor and cancer are two very different things. Are you associated with it?

Tumors and cancer the diagnosis may you not want to hear from the doctor because the both disease is not easy to cure. Some people also will immediately panic when the doctor told him that there is a type of tumor in the body.

Some others thought that they feel abnormal lumps are common and not cancer. Some people think the tumor is not malignant but others said tumor can be malignant. Whatever it is, obviously tumor and cancer are two very different things.

But both could have been related. Tumor is a condition where abnormal growth of cells that form a lesion, or in many cases, a lump in the body.

These lumps are sometimes hard and sometimes interfere with the functioning of the body where the tumor develops. While cancer is a degenerative disease that occurs because the growth of cells that cannot be controlled.

Should be pointed out that not all tumors are cancerous. Tumors can be divided into two benign tumors and malignant tumors. If you, or someone suffering from a benign tumor, the tumor is not going to bear the daily activities and can be removed through surgery.

But if the type of tumor that develops is a kind malignant then it could be cancer cells have been found in the tumor growth. This means the primary growth has been a secondary growth so that some of them can attack vital parts of the body (Metastatic). You may find that a lump is a tumor or cancer through biopsy examination, which took a sample of tissue from the body and then perform a series of tests on tissue samples taken.

If you have a tumor you should immediately undergo a biopsy to determine whether tumor growth is benign or malignant. In terms of treatment and healing, tumor and cancer are very different. Tumors can be overcome by doing surgical removal of the tumor. In contrast, cancer treatment takes a long time that includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Sugar and Salt Substitute for Diabetics

April 26th, 2012 – For patients with diabetes, sugar is the main enemy that should never be too much on consumption. But do you know? Something that is supposed to be restricted is calories. Calories contained in foods that contain sugar, carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, starchy), and even herbs. Calories in sugar are very high so that people with diabetes abstain to eating too much sugar. Because sugar is limited, then the selected seasoning for diabetics is the salt. But salt is also apparently not a wise choice, because the salt will retain fluid and increase blood pressure. Of course, hypertension is a complication of diabetes which will shorten the life. In addition there is a lot of sugar and salt seasoning that gives flavor to food without fear of blood sugar and blood pressure rose sharply.

• Fresh Basil Leaves. Perhaps these types of herbs sound unfamiliar. But the basil leaves are now beginning to be used in the kitchens in Indonesia. Fresh basil leaves can be used when grilling chicken or make a paste. In making pasta people prefer to use bottled tomato pasta. You should make your own tomato paste. For the tomato paste manufacturers have hidden sugar and salt. Basil leaves contain no calories or fat. This seasoning will give a pleasant aroma without raising blood pressure in the extreme because basil leaves contain sodium (salt) is low.

• Mint leaves. Mint leaves are commonly used in snack and dessert recipes in highly recommended for diabetics. If you add the mint leaves in cooking so it only needs 0.1 grams of sugar per serving. Mint leaves will give a fresh scent in the snack. Examples of snack for people with diabetes who use the mint chocolate mint cookies

In addition to the above herbs, in fact, garlic pepper and seasoned salt, with the Lawry’s trademark also contains low fat and low calories that can replace the salt that you normally use.

In addition to a salt substitute, sugar substitute product actually has been on the market. Artificial sweetener derived from corn and stevia leaves have been produced to keep blood sugar levels. But there are still many people with diabetes who are hesitant about taking it because of the sweetness. Though corn sugar for example has a very low calorie. Besides the sweet taste can also be obtained from the sugar contained in fruit, sugar called fructose. Although there are a lot of fructose is sold in packs, it would be better if you take the direct fructose from fruit. Cooking dishes could use a pineapple for a sweet taste without sugar sprinkled.

Diabetes Complications

April 16th, 2012 – The amount of glucose causes the body to suffer from many diseases. People with diabetes should maintain stable blood sugar levels for diabetes complications did not occur. Complications of diabetes mellitus are likely to attack the body’s organs below.

Eyes. Blood sugar levels that not stable can cause organ damage to the eye. Blood sugar levels that often swing can cause problems of fluid balance in the lens of the eye. The lens may absorb too much liquid can make your eyes dilated and make vision blurred. Optic nerve and blood vessels that send blood to the retina can also be damaged as a result of diabetes. In addition to glaucoma and cataracts, diabetes can cause blindness.

Skin. Complications of diabetes usually affect the skin. Infections caused by fungi and bacteria are the main things on the complications of diabetes that affects the skin. The itching is often arising because of diabetes and these things are caused by poor blood circulation. A complication of diabetes that affects the skin or the so-called diabetic dermopathy is characterized by brownish-red spots on the skin. Complications of diabetes usually occur in those who had suffered from diabetes for 10 to 20 years.

Bone. Did you know that bone density can be affected as a result of type 1 diabetes? Not only bone density, the risk of fractures or broken bones is also very high for people with diabetes. While type 2 diabetes seems to avoid the presence of osteoporosis. To prevent a reduction in bone density, patients with type 1 diabetes are encouraged to consume vitamin D or high calcium diet.

Blood Pressure. Diabetes can cause heart problems that caused by high blood pressure. Risk of stroke to be double in five years since someone adjudged suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Diabetes causes poor blood circulation that affects blood pressure and heart disorders.

• Foot. Sure you have heard that a diabetes patient should be amputated legs. Infection on the feet often makes the sufferer of diabetes, allow his feet. Infection on the feet is caused by poor blood circulation. Blood flow to the legs often disturbed that eventually give rise to peripheral arterial disease in the legs. This narrows the blood vessels because of the accumulation of fat. But diabetics cannot feel pain or heat due to this constriction. There is an infection that has developed unconsciously by the patient.

• Kidney. When insulin is not produced so glucose cannot be converted into glycogen as energy, the result is glucose will continue to circulate in the blood vessels. As a means of filters in the kidney is the body that serves to filter too much blood. Blood sugar that is too much will harden the kidneys work. Hard works of the kidneys that can continuously make the kidneys stop working someday.

There are so many terrible diabetes complications. Therefore always keep the stability of blood sugar levels to minimize the occurrence of complications.