Vein Away secret Australian formulation, Factsheet

Vein Away secret Australian formulation, Factsheet

painless and effective solution for unsightly spider veins

These amazing results were achieved in under five weeks.

These dramatic photos show the progressive benefits one client achieved

using Vein Away over a 33 day period

shorts and skirts because you''re ashamed of the ugly spider veins on

wear make-up because you''re embarrassed by the red spider veins and

At last there is a natural solution that dramatically diminishes the

appearance of spider veins, broken blood vessels and capillaries painlessly

in the privacy of your own home!

Painful injections and expensive laser surgery are not the only answer!

Now you can diminish the appearance of spider veins and broken capillaries

with a topical cream. Really! This miracle cream is so effective, regular

use can eliminate the appearance of ugly spider veins in just weeks!

Apply twice daily and before you know it, you''ll see your spider veins

fade... fade... and then disappear from sight!

Similar creams have been used by US. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons

for years to reduce bruising and shorten post operative recovery time.

This Australian made professional strength dermaceutical formula was

developed to painlessly reduce the appearance of spider veins and broken

capillaries, a problem that plagues more than half the adult female

This "secret" Australian formulation uses a potent blend of natural

compounds which are combined at specific, professional strength concentrations

to give maximum results in minimum time.

Vein Away is easy to use, simply moisten skin with warm water and gently

rub into affected areas. It is important that this cream is applied

twice a day to moistened skin as this significantly enhances the effectiveness

of the cream. For best results application is recommended immediately

after a warm bath or shower.

Vein Away can be applied anywhere on the body and is gentle enough to

be used on the face. Its particularly effective for those small spider

veins that commonly appear on the nose and cheeks. Results have also

"Finally, after a lifetime or wearing pants everywhere

because of my ugly spider veins, I can now wear shorts, skirts and my

bikini without embarrassment for the first time this summer! It even

worked on Dad''s broken capillaries on his nose! Thanks a million!"D. Daniels, Botany

"As a Natural Therapist, I constantly witness

first hand the awesome power of natural products. That''s why I tried

Vein Away on the spider veins on my legs. For years I was too embarrassed

to wear shorts and skirts, but not anymore! I used Vein Away on my legs

twice a day and in less than a month, my veins have almost totally disappeared

from sight. Vein Away really does work and it has my strongest endorsement!

C. Grahem, Natural Therapist, Hunter Valley

"I was sceptical at first that a cream could work

on spider veins, but I''d heard plastic surgeons had been using this

type of formula post operatively for bruising and scarring so I thought

I''d give it a try. TO my amazement, two weeks later my veins are almost

gone. My friends and fiancee all want some now!

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