Network Marketing vs. Part-Time Job

Network Marketing vs. Part-Time Job

When the need arises for someone to supplement their income, the first thing that comes most people’s mind is getting a part-time or second job. The vast majority of these people don’t really want a job. More often than not, it is simply the only way they know how to bring in the additional income.

Most people believe that setting up their own business is really difficult, and many don’t even know where to begin.

The beauty of the network marketing industry is that “setting up” the business has already been done for us. The company is already created, the websites, marketing tools and training in the majority of network marketing companies, and certainly with my company Xpress Healthcare, are already in place. Network Marketers definitely have to work to earn money, but the “set-up” has been taken care of for us.

If someone is seeking a part-time job, they have to search for a position that is open for which they qualify, and hop
e that – out of all the other applicants – the company calls them for an interview, and after the interview, they hope they are selected for the position.

In the network marketing industry, they can do an online search for a company and product that appeals to them. Then, if they’re smart, they’ll do some research on the company. There are some companies out there that are not reputable, but in addition to that, it is always best to choose a company that is a really good fit for them.

Once their decision is made, they join and pay whatever fee is required. With Xpress, we have no initial registration fee or start-up fee. They’ll only pay a very small fee for their 14-day trial. After the trial, if they love what they’ve seen with Xpress – as do the majority of those who take the trial – they’ll pay only $99 per month. Other companies, of course, have different fees, some with registration fees, and most do not offer a trial period.

Once the new network marketer pays the required fees, with our company and some others, we are doing two things: 1) receiving a great package of benefits. Virtually all network marketing companies will provide at least a website. With Xpress, we receive a great package of benefits that includes our families; and 2) we are investing in ourselves, NOT the company. Remember, that network marketers are business owners. They are not paying for a job or the opportunity to work for someone else.

Those working a j-o-b are working to make money for someone else. Sure, they receive an income – a salary or commission – but the likelihood of their income increasing within the first few months of their employment is very slight.

With a part time job, the employer tells the employee how much they will be paid and tells them what hours they must work – both the number of hours and specifically what their work schedule will be.

In Network Marketing we set our own hours, and as we work and market our business, at some point, we are in control of our income. For some network marketers, that point will come very soon, for others it will take longer. But as long as they stick with their business, they will reach that point.

When people work a part-time job, taxes are taken out of their paychecks, and the employee has no control over what is taken out. In network marketing, no taxes are taken out of our checks. We keep all the money we’re paid, and pay our taxes at the end of the year.

Because we work at home, however, our tax deductions are HUGE, and until we’re earning a great deal of income, we may well be able to write off more than we have to pay in taxes!

You can be fired or laid off a job. The possibility of growing within the company to a leadership position is unlikely.

With network marketing, we can work hard and become one of the leaders of the company. There is no glass ceiling. We will not be fired or laid off.

The last point in this comparison is the best of all!

A part-time job will never enable someone to stop working and continue to receiving an income! With Xpress – and with some other network marketing companies – once we build our income to whatever level to which you strive, we can continue receiving residuals whether or not we continue working.

For many, network marketing creates a huge income over time. It doesn’t happen quickly, and at the beginning, some may not have an income at all. But the potential remains, and for those willing to put in the time and effort – and not give up – their residual income will continue to grow – to huge amounts or to a good supplemental income if that’s what they’re working for.

Some people start out slowly with network marketing. They don’t make sales, and they become discouraged. But think of it this way…

Could you buy a restaurant, a retail store or a nail salon for what we pay to own our Xpress business (or for most network marketing companies)? With any of those physical businesses, it will likely take a year or more to get into profit mode.

With Xpress, any ABO can be in profit mode in weeks, or at least within just a few months. We own our business. It is ours!

For those in network marketing, if they stick with it, work it and attend training, they WILL be successful and meet their goals!

Can you say that about any j-o-b?

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