Mens Health How Tos

Mens Health How Tos

Here are some answers to questions that you don’t want to ask. We are going to go over ingrown hair.

Ingrown Hair

How do you know if you have an ingrown hair?
- you can see it just above the surface or just below
- the skin is red like a pimple
- white bumps
- ingrown hairs can happen anywhere hair grows

How to prevent ingrown hair from happening in the first place:

- don’t shave (likely not an option)
- use an electric razor on a higher setting
- use shaving gel! get that skin lubricated, less irritation
- sharp razor, preferably single blade, again not so close to the skin
- use warm water to make the hair more pliable
- shave in the direction of the hair growth
- do not hold your skin tight or shave too close
- keep skin exfoliated, no dead skin cells means less distance the hair has to push through
- wear looser clothing (boxer briefs, boxers)

Why exactly do ingrown hairs happen? Actually for a couple different reasons:

- shaving
- holding skin too tight
- shaving too close
- shaving in the wrong direction
- naturally curly hair
- clothing that is tight

as mentioned before ingrown hair can happen anywhere, so if you shave the “hedge” to make the “totem pole” look better the “hedge” area could end up with an ingrown hair, trimming the “hedge” could be a better option.

Now to get rid of these ingrown hairs:

- the top of the loop of hair is outside the skin use a disinfected needle or tweezers and gently pull out the ingrown part of the hair
- you can see the hair just inside the skin grab a wet face cloth and gently rub the skin, it should exfoliate enough that the hair can pop out, or again use the needle
- deeper in? use a warm compress for 10 minutes and the hair should come up to the surface, when it does, gently use your sterilized needle or tweezers
- a lot of ingrown hair? use an acne wash as directed, and gently exfoliate with a wet wash cloth or soft toothbrush daily. This will help exfoliate the skin and calm down the irritation and redness. After a few days you should be able to remove the hair gently with a sterilized needle or tweezers
- if none of these methods worked and the hair hasn’t come to the surface, you should see a doctor.

Just a couple of quick notes

- sterilize with either alcohol or boiling water
- pointed tweezers tend to be more effective than blunt tweezers
- apply an antibiotic ointment after working on the ingrown hair to prevent infection

Ingrown hair is something that happens to men and women, but, men have to deal with the ingrown hair facing the world. The tips will help you get rid of the pesky things and now you also know how to prevent ingrown hairs.

Will you share your new knowledge? I hope so!