Get Treatment Of Small Cell Lung Cancer In India At Best Hospitals Of Chennai And Mumbai

Get Treatment Of Small Cell Lung Cancer In India At Best Hospitals Of Chennai And Mumbai
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Get treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer in India under expert surgeons at the world class hospitals of Mumbai and Chennai. India is now being recognized as one of the leaders in medical field of research and treatment. Indian hospitals now offer the best treatment for gallbladder cancer. Indian cancer specialists are highly qualified and are trained from abroad and have ample experience. Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer in India is done at cities like Mumbai and Chennai in hospitals having state of art operation theatres using sterile techniques, complete range of sophisticated instruments and above all meticulous care during surgery avoiding complications. Surgeonsin India work as a team sharing patient care and expertise to provide the highest standard of healthcare

What is Small Cell Lung Cancer?

When cells of the lung start growing rapidly in an uncontrolled manner, the condition is called lung cancer. Lung cancer can affect any part of the lung. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both women and men in the United States, Canada and China. Two main types of lung cancer that exists are: Small-cell lung cancer and Non-small-cell lung cancer. Small-cell lung cancer accounts for approximately 20-25% of all cases of lung cancer.

Small-cell lung cancer differs from non-small-cell lung cancer in the following ways:

Small-cell lung cancer grows rapidly.
Small-cell lung cancer spreads quickly.
Small-cell lung cancer responds well to chemotherapy (using medications to kill cancer cells) and radiation therapy (using high-dose x-rays or other high-energy rays to kill cancer cells).
Small-cell lung cancer is frequently associated with distinct paraneoplastic syndromes (collection of symptoms that result from substances produced by the tumor, occurring far away from the tumor).

Symptoms of Small Cell Lung Cancer

The symptoms of Small cell lung cancer can result from local growth of the tumor, spread to nearby areas, distant spread, paraneoplastic syndromes or a combination thereof.

Symptoms due to local growth of the tumor include the following:

Coughing up blood
Shortness of breath
Chest pain made worsened by deepbreathing

Symptoms due to spread of the cancer to nearby areas include the following:

Hoarseness of voice, resulting from compression of the nerve that supplies the vocal cords
Shortness of breath, resulting from compression of the nerve that supplies the muscles of the diaphragm or severe shortness of breath and stridor (sound produced by turbulent flow of air through a narrowed part of therespiratory tract), resulting from compression of the trachea (windpipe) and larger bronchi (airways of the lung)
Difficulty swallowing, resulting from compression of the esophagus (food pipe)
Swelling of the face and hands, resulting from compression of thesuperior vena cava (vein that returns deoxygenated blood from the upper body)

Treatment options for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Surgery: Surgery may not be possible if the Small cell lung cancer is too close to the trachea or if the person has other serious conditions (such as severe heart or lung disease) that would limit their ability to tolerate an operation. Surgery for Small cell lung cancer is a major surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia, hospitalization and follow-up care for weeks to months. Following the surgical procedure, patients may experience difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, pain and weakness. The risks of surgery include complications due to bleeding, infection and complications of general anesthesia. Surgery is less often performed with Small cell lung cancer because these tumors are less likely to be localized to one area that can be removed. The surgical procedure chosen depends upon the size and location of the tumor. Surgeons must open the chest wall and may perform a wedge resection of the lung (removal of a portion of one lobe), a lobectomy (removal of one lobe) or a pneumonectomy (removal of an entire lung). Sometimes lymph nodes in the region of the lungs also are removed (lymphadenectomy).

Chemotherapy:Chemotherapy uses powerful medications to kill Small cell lung cancer cells. These medications may be taken by mouth (orally), but they are usually injected into a vein (IV). Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment because the medications enter the bloodstream, travel throughout the body and kill cancer cells wherever they are. However, some normal cells are also killed. This is responsible for some of the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is usually given at intervals to ensure that the bone marrow has recovered before the next dose of chemotherapy is given.

Patients who are receiving chemotherapy require close monitoring for side effects and their response to therapy.
A blood workup, including CBC (completeblood count), is needed prior to each cycle of chemotherapy to ensure that the bone marrow has recovered before the next dose of chemotherapy is given.
Kidney function should be monitored, especially if the patient is taking cisplatin, as it can damage the kidneys.
The patient may be advised to undergo a CT scan after 2 cycles of therapy to assess response to the therapy.
If the patient’s serum LDH (lactic dehydrogenase, an enzyme found in the blood that may indicate cancer when blood levels are higher than normal) is elevated before the start of therapy, it is a goodmarker for response and should be monitored.

Why India?

Indian surgeons are pioneer in conducting treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer in India and that is the reason international patients prefer the treatment of lung Cancer in India. Medical tourism in India provides integrated travel & tourism services with trust, integrity and creativity by anticipating emerging trends in the industry. Planning and coordination, travel arrangements, concierge services and personal attention are an integral part of the benefits provided by medical tourism in India. For more details on Small Cell Lung Cancer in India, visit us at www. forerunnershealthcare. com or you can E-mail us at – enquiry@forerunnershealthcare. com or you may call on – 0091-98607-55000 / 0091-937-1136-499

www. forerunnershealthcare. com or you can E-mail us at ? enquiry@forerunnershealthcare. com or you may call on ? 0091-98607-55000 / 0091-937-1136-499

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