Can I prevent myself from suffering with ED again?

Can I prevent myself from suffering with ED again?

Just because you are suffering from ED now, or possibly have suffered from the condition in the past, this does not necessarily mean that you will be affected by ED again in the future.

Because erectile dysfunction can be caused by so many different things, it is always a good idea to be aware of why you were affected. This is not because you can necessarily prevent it happening again, but at least you will know what your weak spots are. Having dealt with ED before, you will also be knowledgeable of this condition, understand how it can impact upon your sexual ability and feel empowered because you know it is easily treatable.

What are the most common causes of ED?

If you remind yourself of some of the causes of ED, you can act proactively in order to ward off the potential of you suffering from the same thing again. Also if you are aware of most of the varied triggers of ED, then it is possible that you can avoid some of the other preventable causes too.

Let’s look at some of the causes of ED and how you can protect yourself against them:

  • STRESS – keep your workload manageable, get help if problems at home or work are escalating out of control and get medical help if you are suffering from stress or depression on a regular basis. Take time out for relaxation and balance work and play.
  • TIREDNESS – remind yourself that you are only human and the fact is that you can only do so much as a person. If you are trying to balance family, work and education/training and are feeling like you just cannot cope due to excessive fatigue, you need to make changes. Ask for help from friends and family. Get the children to help you look after the home and family when they are old enough. Plan your study so that you have some time to relax. Most of all don’t think that you are superman and can do it all.
  • ILLNESS AND DISEASE – there is no way that you can prevent this but you can take action to make yourself as healthy as possible. Look after your diet and fitness. Give up smoking. Check your blood pressure on a regular basis. Watch your cholesterol levels.
  • RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS – every relationship has its ups and downs so you should learn to deal with these. Get used to talking to your partner, discussing areas of concern and if there are any sexual differences, deal with them. If you feel that you need external support then your doctor or a counsellor can often help to apply a fair perspective to events and situations.

You certainly cannot prevent ED altogether, but you can do a lot to limit its affect.