Acomplia diet drug shows real promise for sustained weight loss, but only if you keep taking it

Acomplia diet drug shows real promise for sustained weight loss, but only if you keep taking it

In early clinical trials, Acomplia is looking promising. But with only 3,000+ people tested so far, it''s far from being approved by the FDA. And even as effective as Acomplia appears to be in early tests, much of the hype is overblown: daily walking or cardiovascular exercise results in far more weight loss. So does giving up the consumption of soft drinks or refined carbohydrates like white flour or added sugars. There are far more effective ways to lose weight and keep it off than popping a diet pill.

Yet the idea of a diet pill is seductive. It''s something that doesn''t require any exertion whatsoever, and that makes it a perfect fit for many Americans, who seem increasingly unwilling to actually take any action in order to achieve lasting results. What they want is a magic weight loss pill. And so far, Acomplia looks like the closest solution we''ve seen yet.

The real test, of course, will come when the potential side effects are fully examined. Will the drug be the next Vioxx or Fen-Phen? Unfortunately, we can no longer trust the drug safety review process of the FDA, meaning that even FDA approval is no guarantee that the drug is safe. We''ll only know the answer to that question after a few million people start taking the pills. No doubt, obese Americans will be lining up to volunteer as guinea pigs for this one: weight loss with no effort? Sign me up!

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  • NEW ORLEANS (AP) - An experimental pill that offers the fairy-tale promise of helping people lose weight and quit smoking has gathered even more stardust.
  • The biggest test yet of the drug found that it helped people not only drop pounds but also keep them off for two years - longer than any other diet drug has been able to achieve.
  • The impressive results from a study of more than 3,000 obese people were presented at a medical conference Tuesday, capping months of anticipation about the new drug, Acomplia, made by the French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi-Aventis.
  • In a study of 3,040 obese people throughout the United States and Canada, those given the higher of two doses of the drug lost more than five per cent of their initial body weight, and a third of them lost more than 10 per cent.
  • "They achieved and maintained a weight loss of 19 pounds as compared to 5.1 pounds in the placebo group," said Dr. F-Xavier Pi-Sunyer of Columbia University in New York, who led the research and presented results at the American Heart Association conference.
  • It''s been devilishly difficult to develop effective treatments for either problem.
  • Diet drugs in particular have a checkered history, most notably the withdrawal from the market in 1997 of the popular "fen-phen" drug combination after users developed heart valve problems.
  • Acomplia''s maker thinks it will avoid those problems by attacking obesity in a novel way, and plans to seek U.S. federal approval for it next year.
  • It''s the first diet drug aimed at blocking the "pleasure centre" of the brain and interfering with the cycle of craving and satisfaction that drives many compulsive behaviours and addictions.
  • It involved people who either were severely obese or were moderately obese and also had another heart-related health problem such as low "good" cholesterol, high blood pressure or high blood sugar.


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