chemical development - chemical development pharmaceutical

chemical development - chemical development pharmaceutical

www.aitanchem.comChangzhou Aitan Chemical Co.,Ltd.www.albmolecular.comAlbany Molecular Research, Inc.www.dcat.orgDCAT - Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Ltd - a reliable and cost-effective out-sourcing...www.pcop.comPharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc. - accelerating drug discovery.www.accelrys.comAccelrys - Solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, academic,...www.argotech.comArgonaut - Chemical Development Overviewwww.cbi-biotech.comAnalytical Chemistry - Custom Bioassay Development

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Changzhou Aitan Chemical Co.,Ltd.http://www.aitanchem.comChina Changzhou Aitan Chemical Co., Ltd. (Former Jintan Auxiliary Agent Factory) is a technical Sino-America joint-venture company for research, development, production and sales. We specialize in the research, development, production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediate, piperidine serial derivate and high molecular auxiliary agent.Albany Molecular Research, Inc. Molecular Research, Inc. is a chemistry-based drug discovery and development company providing services in lead discovery, lead optimization, process research, chemical development, cGMP synthesis, cGMP manufacturing, analytical services, biocatalysis, drug metabolism screening and fermentation.DCAT - Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Associationhttp://www.dcat.orgDCAT - The Drug, Chemical & Allied Trades Association - A business development association whose member companies manufacture, distribute or provide services to the drug, chemical, nutritional and related industries.Leancare Ltd - a reliable and cost-effective out-sourcing... reliable and cost-effective out-sourcing service to the pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industries in both the European and world-wide markets, using twenty-five years of experience in the industry to find new, competitive sources of supply.Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc. - accelerating drug discovery. A leader in enabling science and technology that accelerates and improves the drug discovery and chemical development processes.Accelrys - Solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, academic,...'' simulation and informatics solutions are relevant to every step of the drug discovery and development process, and to many areas of new chemical design. We provide leading scientific software to support and accelerate work in the pharamaceutical and chemical industries and academic and government research.Argonaut - Chemical Development Overview Chemistry - Custom Bioassay Development is a chemical analysis and custom protein synthesis bioengineering company serving all of the U.S.

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