The Healthy Plate: Another excerpt from my ebook - Ageing

The Healthy Plate: Another excerpt from my ebook - Ageing

Another excerpt from my ebook - Ageing

AGEING Our bodies are like juicers. As the food we eat gets digested, the enzymes begin to extract thejuice from the food. All the nutrition lies in the juice that is extracted. The body works to break upthis food and separate the juice from the bulk. This bulk goes out as waste while the nutrition in the juice is used by the body for its functioning.The more nutrients in the food, the more the water content, the more easily this juice is extracted and absorbed by the body. Fibre is very important too as it helps the bulk/waste matter to beeliminated easily.I make juice daily and I have a high quality juicer. I put the food into the juicer pressing with a plunger and in a moment, beautiful juice flows out from one end and from the other comes the pulp. It is an easy, smooth process, with no bother at all. I use fruits and vegetables for my juice. High water content foods: piece of cake for the juicer to break up and separate. I get plenty of nutritious juice and the pulp moves along very well to theother end.What would happen if I put in a big piece of white bread? A slimy, sticky substance would coat all parts of the machine and nothing would come out at any end. No juice, no pulp.If I wanted my juicer to work again, I would have to take it apart and wash it all out quickly. Clean it thoroughly.Just think about this for a moment. Your Body is a Juicer.Think about it the next time you choose dense or sticky foods that have neither water content nor fibre nor fat that the body recognizes. What does that do?It gets stuck inside your body and remains there clogging up your inner plumbing. And most of us don''t drink enough water, so that doesn''t help with the flow either.We shy away from talking about the intimate workings of our body, and yet, this is one of the most important aspects of our health and fitness.We cannot continue onwards to the New World without addressing the subject of elimination. This is the number one cause of sickness, disease, obesity and most of our problems. So we need to step out of our comfort zone and shake ourselves up a little.One of the basic fundamentals of life is that everything moves: Movement is Life.Nothing remains static or stuck. Anything that stagnates and stops moving ... dies.That is the natural principle of life: You stop moving, you stop flowing, you become rigid, thensoon after you start decomposing.If your body is a juicer and if you eat foods that are low in water content, low fibre, high fat and dense then not only are you going to get very little nutrition but that nutrition won''t be easilyabsorbed either. The bulk will remain as waste matter INSIDE your body instead of flowing out.Place all the food you eat in a day all together on a table.That food has to be separated into juice and waste. If there is very little high water content, fresh food on that table, then the more waste there will be. If there is very little high fibre food on that table, then that waste will stay with you. It is as simple as that. The more saturated fat there is, themore refined and processed the food is, the more the body will work hard to break it apart and the more energy will be used. All this for very little absorbable nutrition: and you get to keep the wastewith you too.This waste that remains in your gut begins to slowly fester, it decomposes and become toxic. The more empty, calorific, acidic foods you eat, the more this toxic waste accumulates. The more toxic you become the less healthy and dynamic you feel. This is called AGEINGGood fats that don''t clog up are essential for lubricating the machinery of the juicer, but one doesn''t need a huge amount of good fats either, just like when you fill up your car with fuel (juice)but also use a little oil regularly to keep it running smoothly. That oil is important, but it is not in the same quantity as the fuel.Naturopathy and Ayurveda have been saying for aeons, that the cause of all diseases, all sickness is One thing Toxicity.Toxicity arises from waste festering inside your body. It makes your body acidic, leaking slowly out into your bloodstream, reaching your tissues, bones, muscles, brain, slowly beginning todamage your entire system.The body does not use only defecation to eliminate toxins.Every time we breathe out we are letting go of what is not essential for our body. Thus, breathing deeply is a wonderful way to eliminate toxins and acidity that we collect in theform of negative emotions like stress, worry, anger, anxiety, etc.Our lungs, our kidneys, our liver, our lymphatic system, our skin all work to get rid of toxins.The body is a miracle, a source of wonder and awe. It works very hard, every single day, to get rid of what is not needed.When we ignore the signals, the cries, the whispers, the pain, the song of our Body we do it a great injustice.From a very young age, I''d always heard my grandmother say - your body is your temple, keep it clean and take care of it. I thought I''d understood because I did keep it clean. On the outside.For years, I didn''t ask myself what I was doing to keep it shining on the inside. Its like washing and giving a new coat of paint to the outer walls and the structure of a temple, while totally neglecting the inner sanctuary where the Divine resides. Its like caring for the exterior walls, roof and gardenof your house, while turning a blind eye to what is inside it. Or rather, treating the inside like a trash bin, filling it up with all kinds of junk and ugly things instead of creating beauty andharmony.We keep the outside of our bodies clean, we take care of our hair and skin, we nourish it with conditioners and creams, we would never accept any dirt on it and the moment we come into anycontact with trash, we wash it off in a hurry.How clean and shiny are our Cells?How clean and nourished is our blood?How clean and healthy is the environment in our body?And what do we consciously do to insure that our cells, our blood, our internal body environment is clean and nourished, just as the outside of our body is?That is the essential question to ask ourselves if we want to stay healthy, fit, vibrant and happy.Sometimes people tell me We understand that you eat the way you do. It is because you have all these big health challenges. But we don''t have anything serious except for headaches or fatigue or indigestion orconstipation or muscle pain or back aches or bloating or heaviness or heartburn or depression or a feeling of constant emptiness ...Or they sayWhy should we give up these delicious foods? Life is about pleasure and enjoyment, what is the point otherwise? When we get sick then we''ll stop eating them and take care.I felt the same way too. I used to have diet cokes and pastries from the bakery on the go ...When one of my enlightened friends told me that coke was poison and that these cakes and pastries made with white flour, butter and refined sugar were highly acidic, I said almost the same things to her - I was fine, except for headaches and fatigue and heartburn and constipation and ...and ...I was extremely attached to life''s enjoyment too, otherwise what''s the point, right?It took me a long time to discover that a headache, feeling tired, frequent coughs and colds, indigestion, constipation or bloating, things we take for granted and accept as a normal part of life are not normal. They are signals, messages our body is trying to deliver to us, to tell us that we are putting it in danger and bringing imbalance and sickness to it. Our body is telling us that it is no longer at ease. If we continue to ignore these messages then what will surely follow is dis-ease.

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