Obesity Maps

Obesity Maps

What is the impact of the variation in obesity in the UK?

I''m doing a controlled evaluation by geography and chose me to make the change in obesity. I have searched almost everywhere and I can not find anything to do with the change in obesity in the United Kingdom. I have to do a test 800 words in just two hours and really need help! If you can find something to do with change Of Obesity, including maps indicating that in the UK is the most obese, why this area is obese. And if I can give an example for my essay introduction really help me. THANK YOU ALL MUCH has helped me =)!

The islands of Scotland, valleys of Wales and parts of the Southeast have the highest concentrations of overweight people in the country, according to A new map of obesity in Britain. The map, created with the details of the doctor''s office, shows that more than one in ten patients is obese in some parts of the country. The Shetland Islands has the highest proportion, with 15.5 percent being obese. Access points include Bexley Care Trust in London, where 9.1 percent are obese, Barking and Dagenham Primary Care Trust (PCT) in a 9.3 percent are obese, and Medway PCT in Kent where 9.4 percent are obese. In the northeast, Wakefield District PCT has a 9.3 percent, 10.1 of the PCT Doncaster and Barnsley PCT 10.8 percent. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7584191.stm

Prevalence of obesity in adults (aged 16+)

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