Learn PH success which starts with a saliva test and using coral calcium to balance.

Learn PH success which starts with a saliva test and using coral calcium to balance.


What is it? Why all the fuss over it? I hope to share my story with you to help you see why learning more about this subject is very important to your health. So what is it? It is a measure of the activity of hydrogen ions in a solution to measure it’s acidity or alkalinity. The value is a number w/o units usually between 0-14, below 7 is acid making 7 neutral.

I was told by a medical doctor and other health care professionals that I needed to alkalize. I tried to do this with food but because of my digestive problems and the fact most of our food is depleted today, I was unable to do it.I studied several courses and I found most were very difficult for me to understand. I purchased a course from Dr. Morter and what he said made sense but again restoring my body to a healthy state by eating alkaline food didn’t work for me. Two years ago someone introduced me to coral calcium. I started with the capsule form and I tried several brands. I received a small amount of good results. Then I switched to the Sango coral calcium mineral water made with distilled water and a mineral bag. My chronic fatigue started to disappear. I became alkaline. Then my body really started to purge. In my research I have learned our bodies are alkaline by design and acid by function. Our blood PH must remain between 7.3 and 7.45. If it drops below 7.2 we will die. Cola soft drinks are at a 2.0. Most soft drinks are no higher than 3.5 on the PH scale. If you drink a lot of beer listen up. Beer is a 4.5 and coffee is a 5.0. Milk is 6.5 but goat’s milk is alkaline. Raw goat milk has enzymes. I’m not telling you to drink raw milk but I do. It is also good for your liver. Let’s go back to the soda at 2.0 to 3.5. This means cola’s are 100,000 times more acidic than pure water. You can see why drinking soda is bad for your health. My first husband died about 2 years ago in his 50’s . This was about the time I learned about alkalizing. He drank about 10 cola’s a day while we were married. He died with bone marrow cancer. I was writing him a letter to tell him about the PH testing and alkalizing when I heard he had died. Please take this info seriously.

People are staying up later at night to enjoy their nightlife. Without proper sleep our bodies really suffer. When we sleep it helps our bodies to turn back alkaline after a day of stress, I saw a special on the tv recently concerning sleeping problems. exercise, eating and all the functions we do. When we sleep our bodies can work on repair. People who don’t get enough sleep are irritable. Why not check you PH. It is a cheap way to test the saliva PH or urine PH to determine if you are alkaline or acid. Remember the natural health care professionals are saying cancer can’t thrive in an alkaline body. There are three steps on this restore health journey. You need to alkalize, cleanse, and build. Educate yourself. To check your PH swallow your saliva twice, then spit on the PH test tape paper. If it turns yellow you are acid. If it turns green you are less acid. If it turns dark blue you are alkaline. You should do this test in the morning before putting anything in your mouth. If you are acid to any degree you need to alkalize. Use ionic coral calcium mineral water to restore PH. This is what I did and it worked. You need PH success for a healthy body. Add to that making better food choices, exercise moderately; control stress and get enough sleep for a healthy life. It is not how much stress you have; it is how you handle it. Stress kills. It causes more acid than all other functions. Learn to control it.

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What color is your PH? I was yellow which is acid. Now I''m a dark blue which is alkaline.

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