How to treat and prevent cavities

How to treat and prevent cavities
cavities How to treat and prevent cavities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012 there were approximately 60-90 percent of the population of a country who have cavities. And cavities are “investment for chronic diseases”

Teeth is a very important organ given its role as a food grinder. Dental health is very necessary to be maintained. Because these organs are often in contact with the bacteria as the mouth is the gateway entry of bacteria and viruses into the body.

Teeth can also influence the appearance of perfection so that ought to be taken care of cleanliness and health. But if it is a problem with the gear, you should do a more intensive treatment. Especially if you‘ve already perforated teeth and occasionally painful.

1. Avoiding some foods

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In a way nurses cavities, known to some kind of food that it can trigger a recurrence of pain when you have one or more cavities. The food is too cold or hot, sweet or spicy foods too thick as air food coconut milk and so forth. If you feel the ache or pain that is recurrent around the mouth or jaw, check the state of your teeth by looking in the bathroom mirror or mirrors. If you find a hole in the tooth, then immediately to avoid some types of food such as cavities that form of treatment that feels no pain greater than you are feeling right now.

2. Brushing

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Tips on caring for cavities are the most common and highly recommended is to improve how to brush teeth correctly and regularly. Cavities may be caused because you often forget schedule brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day that must be done. Therefore, the suggestion to prevent increased severity of holes that could increase the sheet is by regularly brushing your teeth. In fact, when the pain of tooth decay can be prevented by brushing teeth regularly. There are some people who used to take care of cavities that start with the pain as soon as possible brushing teeth. Get used from now on to brush your teeth regularly every morning after breakfast and at night before bed.

3. Using a special toothpaste

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For cavities, usually it would be advisable to use a special toothpaste to handle such problems. Toothpaste is devoted to cavities generally will contain more calcium and xylitol to repair tooth enamel or damaged parts and hollow. How to treat cavities that one is clearly unreliable, especially if the hole in your tooth is still in its early stages can be improved. Use regular toothpaste high calcium is mainly for at least 2 times a schedule brush your teeth.

4. Gargling with salt water

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When cavities you feel pain, let alone begin to swell first aid can you do to relieve this pain is by gargling warm salt water. The salt water is known to be anti-bacterial that may cause cavities or attacked by pain. Thus, it can be a way of taking care of the traditional gear that you can take. This way taken by dissolving 1 teaspoon of salt to a glass or equal to 250 cc of warm water. You can also mix the orange juice into it to further streamline this traditional medicine.

5. Consume calcium source

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Consuming calcium source consuming to repair cavities. How to treat these cavities can be maximized if taken with intensive dental treatment. Consumption of high calcium food sources that can help and support internally repair your cavities. Source of high calcium foods such as milk, eggs, and other calcium multivitamins.

Consult a dentist is a mandatory way you should do while applying to take care of cavities as described by the author. In consultation with the dentist, tooth decay problems will clearly known how proper healing. May be useful for readers.

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