CNA Sample Resume – Guide to Writing an Impressive Resume

CNA Sample Resume – Guide to Writing an Impressive Resume

An informative and well-written resume is the key to getting a job as a certified nursing assistant.

Employers review hundreds of resumes. This is why it’s important that yours should stand out among the resume of other applicants. You will have better chances of being called for an interview and possibly land a job if your resume is impressive. If you’re having difficulties writing your resume, find a certified nursing assistant sample resume to serve as your guide.

The Internet is a great source of everything you need to find including sample CNA resumes. Open the web browser and type the keywords: certified nursing assistant sample resume on the search box then start the search process.

Once done with the search, click on the search results to view sample resumes that can serve as your guide. If you know someone who’s working as certified nursing assistant, ask how he wrote his resume. If possible, see if you can get a copy of this.

3 Best Elements that Should Be Found on Your Resume

  1. Pick a smart certified nursing assistant resume template.
  2. Highlight your best experiences and skills.
  3. Craft out a killer headline.

That said, here’s a certified nursing assistant sample resume that you can follow:

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Sample

Pamela Blake
MacArthur Causeway, Miami, Florida,
Phone: 305-333-3333

Objective: A certified nursing assistant with over 3 years of experience, I am seeking for a CNA position in a reputable health care institution where I can apply my knowledge and special skills in nursing assistance.

Professional Skills Summary

  • Excellent skills in various clinical tasks and communication.
  • Knowledge in infection control and medical terminology.
  • Fast learner.
  • Possess certification in Pediatric Care, Wound Care, CPR, and Adult Care.
  • Above average verbal and writing skills.

Education and Certification:

Vocational Institute, Miami (2008)
High School Diploma from Miami Beach Senior High School (2003)

Work History: (enumerate the health facility or facilities you’ve work before as well as the specific job description you’ve handled).

References: (Just list at least 3 references).