Start Burning Body Fat NOW!Did you

Start Burning Body Fat NOW!Did you

Start Burning Body Fat NOW!

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Weight-Loss Surgery (AP via Yahoo! News)
After weeks of speculation over his svelte new physique, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has revealed how he managed to drop nearly 50 pounds: weight-loss surgery.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Weight-Loss Surgery (ABC News)
Jesse Jackson Jr., Sporting New Physique, Confirms That He Has Had Weight-Loss Surgery

Corrected metabolism leads to health benefits and weight loss (EurekAlert!)
A revolutionary weight loss program that balances metabolism and hormone levels has stabilized a variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure, says a leading Canadian General Practitioner.

Strictly Business Inc. Announces Hostile Takeover of Beverly Hills Weight Loss and Wellness Inc. (PrimeZone via Yahoo! Finance)
Strictly Business Inc. , a Nevada-domiciled company which specializes in the takeover and restructuring of mismanaged public companies, announced today that that the large volume of trading that occurred on Wednesday and Thursday, March 23 and 24, is a part of the implementation of its plan to take over the management and control of Beverly Hills Weight Loss and Wellness Inc. .

Weight Loss Sessions Start April 5 at UVRMC (RedNova)
PROVO -- An upcoming eight-week course at IHC''s Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is designed to offer adults a long-term solution to weight loss. Class begins Tuesday, April 5, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the hospital''s Northwest Plaza (1134 N. 500 N., Provo) in classroom 5 on the second floor.

Rep. Jackson has surgery for weight loss (The Washington Times)
Chicago, IL, Mar. 29 (UPI) -- Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., says he underwent a surgical procedure for the morbidly obese in order to lose 50 pounds over the last nine months.

Opera star''s massive weight loss garners her roles (CBC News)
NEW YORK - An opera singer has admitted she underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose 100 pounds, or 45 kilograms, after being fired because she couldn''t fit into her costume.

Congressman Jackson has stomach surgery to lose weight (ABC 7 Chicago)
March 29, 2005 — Thanks to a risky surgery last December, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. slimmed down his once large political profile, dropping about 50 pounds. As reporters noticed his big weight loss several weeks ago, Jackson credited diet, exercise and regular injections to boost his metabolism.

The Bible Diet (KXAN 36 Austin)
The latest fad in weight loss has people looking to the heavens for help. A growing trend in dieting focuses in on Christian-based meal plans, asking the question: "What would Jesus eat?"

Covering Obesity Surgery (Newswise)
Newswise — Some health insurers won’t cover weight-loss surgery until patients have gone through medically supervised diet programs.