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Healthy Chocolate - Oxymoron or Truth

Author: Healthy Nutrition Hints // Category: Healthy Chocolate

I had the most unique experience this weekend promoting Xocai - Healthy Chocolate to a convention full of Chiropractors.

We came across the highly interested, the ones that wanted to learn more and of course the skeptical ones. But in the end, the turn out was wonderful and the buzz word of the weekend was Healthy Chocolate.

Now to answer the most common questions:

How is Xocai Healthy Chocolate different from the chocolate you can purchase at the corner shop or finest chocolate shoppes? Xocai is mainly different because of the way it is made. Xocai Healthy Chocolates are made using a cold process where all the chocolate on the market is made using a heat process. This cold process is patented to MXI the makes of Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

What makes this chocolate healthy? Xocai Healthy Chocolate combines the two highest super foods on the market. Unprocessed cacao is the number one super antioxidant food on the planet and the number two super antioxidant food is the acai berry. Xocai Healthy Chocolates combines these two powerful antioxidants to make the highest and most potent super food on the market today and it is CHOCOLATE!!

Is it safe for diabetics and children? These chocolates are sweeten with the acai and blueberries and in some products they use raw cane juice crystals. There are NO refined sugars added. The fruit provides low glycemic sweeteners and it is definitely safe for children and diabetics. The founder, Jeanette Brooks is a diabetic and she wanted to develop a chocolate that diabetics could enjoy with no side effects. She has gone from using 120 units of insulin per day to 10 units of insulin per day by consuming these chocolates.

How about caffeine? Xocai Healthy Chocolates do not contain caffeine, making it safe for children to enjoy and not have the effects of caffeine. The caffeine is found on the shell and husks of the cacao plant, Xocai uses the cacao bean eliminating the caffeine we are all used to. The cacao bean contains a derivative of caffeine called theobromine which gives the opposite affect, it provides a relaxing feeling.

Everyone talks about ORAC values, what are those and how do your products compare? Antioxidants are needed to fight against the free radicals are bodies are faced with on a daily basis. Free radicals cause aging and destruction of our bodies. Antioxidants combat the free radicals and provide healing properties. Antioxidants are measured in ORAC values. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity and the USDA uses the ORAC scale to measure the antioxidant capacities of different foods. The daily recommended intake of ORAC daily ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 units. All of our products have the ORAC values clearly stated on the packages.

How many products does your company have? Our company has 6 products to date with 2 more in the works. Our products consist of the following: Xocai Activ - a wonderful chocolate beverage which combines the unprocessed cacao with acia and blueberries and has 5,270 ORAC units per fluid ounce, Xocai Nuggets wonderful chocolate nuggets that contain 3,120 ORAC units each, Xocai Protein Bar the ultimate low-calorie, high-protein meal on the go with an ORAC value of 4,066, Xocai X Power Squares wonderful little squares loaded with antioxidants and containing 3,582 ORAC units per 6g square, Xocai Omega Squares formulated to provide essential fatty acids from acai berry, flaxseed and plant-based, encapsulated Omega-3 and an ORAC value of 3,773 per square, and my most favorite product is the Xocai X Powerhouse Cookie which has 7 grams of fiber and has an ORAC value of 11,115.

MXI takes pride in all of their Xocai products and it shows in their professional and attractive packaging and information printed on each item. For more information about these wonderful products please visit my informational site called Ultimate Chocolate Power or you can email me at drdaisy @ verizon.net (no spaces).

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Ok so where do you get this delight???

I am not a chocolate person but my wife is! I will have her take a look! Thanks for the review and information.

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