Alli side effects

Alli side effects

Alli side effects is probably one of the most popular subject on the weight loss pill market. This product is great and effective and FDA approval and huge amount of success stories support that but when it’s going down to side effects Alli has some flaws.

It is important to remember that almost every medicine prescription or not has good and bad sides. Before you start using the product read instructions carefully and get familiar with possible side effects it may cause. Alli pills is not an exception.

Alli can cause following side effects:

oily stools and diarrhoea;


vitamin deficiency …

Advice: Reduce amount of fat in your diet to reduce or eliminate Alli side effects …

These side effects do not harm your health and FDA approval is a firm confirmation to that but sometimes they can be pretty embarrassing. This is the reason why you must read all the instructions before you decide to choose this product.

Weight all benefits and possible loses of using Alli before your decision. Is your extra weight so huge problem for you, can you lose weight differently, can you choose different product or maybe you are able just to change your diet and have some exercise …

Consumer reports on side effects

Actually reports and experiences on Alli side effects vary hugely. Some experience really bad and very embarrassing side effects where others see no side effects or only minor ones.

Few stories posted from popular weight loss forums with different consumer experiences …

“True story – I photographed a wedding last year where the bride was taking Alli. That morning the girls had a bridal breakfast before heading to the hotel to get dressed. The bride experienced … um … “treatment effects” after she put her dress on. All down the inside of her $2,000 dress. …”

Posted by Photochick on

“I haven’t tried it but my friend has. And her biggest complaint are similar to what DaBeez has posted above…she was feeling bloated, gassy and running to the bathroom constantly…that didn’t exclude while she was at work…and then she discovered other people with the same complaints.”

Posted by citybythebay on

“… When I first started this diet last year. I used it as a way to eat whatever I want.. I thought hey its blocking out the fat! but I was wrong. Treatment effects are nasty and its not something that one should have to experiance.. I quit

I decided To give it another try and Its working great! I have styayed with in my allowed fat grams and calories. Definatly showing results.. If you are interested in this diet I suggest one start a low calorie diet a week before they start the pills just to make sure that its something one can do if not it will be a waste to buy the pills which are pricey…”

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Is it worth the effort

This is the question you have to answer yourself. If you can make yourself eat healthy and exercise then you don’t need any slimming pill. If you’re prepared to follow all the instructions for your ultimate goal then go for it. As you can see if used correctly within all suggestions Alli can be quite effective and you won’t even notice its side effects.

Side effect free alternative

You can forget about side effects and focus on things you like. Change your diet a bit, have some exercise program, take Proactol and experience the most comfortable weight loss with probably the best fat binder on the market right now …